Volunteering with Aged Care Plus

Aged Care Plus - VolunteersAged Care Plus values the positive difference that volunteers make to the lives of our residents and staff. We recognise the unique knowledge, experience and talents of our volunteers in providing enjoyment and a sense of community for our residents, as well as in supporting our staff.

By becoming a volunteer, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to society, but you may also be surprised at how much you’ll receive in return. Many Aged Care Plus volunteers have gained a sense of achievement, lasting memories and positive connections within our caring communities. 

Why Volunteer with Aged Care Plus?

Make a genuine difference

There are many opportunities to make a difference at our centres and even a small contribution can make a big difference to the lives of our residents and staff.

Become a part of a caring community

At Aged Care Plus, our vision is to have an uncompromising commitment to all Australians-to create a loving home and family environment which enhances their health and spiritual well-being. We are a group of dedicated, compassionate and down to earth people, committed to making a positive difference to the lives of others, and our volunteers are no exception. We invite you to become part of our community where you’ll be encouraged and supported by our caring staff.

Share your knowledge, talent or experience

We recognise that every volunteer brings unique knowledge, experience or talent to our Aged Care Plus Centres. Volunteer opportunities include, gardening services, companionship, bus driving,  support with recreational activities for residents and entertainment.

Gain industry experience

The aged care industry offers many paid job opportunities from nursing, centre management, administration and more. If you’re studying nursing or just considering an opportunity in the aged care industry, volunteering is a great way to get real life industry experience.

Learn new skills

Every volunteer is offered a thorough induction to enable them to perform their role as required and to understand their rights and responsibilities within The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus. At the Centre you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with residents and about the aged care industry in general. Where necessary, your Volunteer Coordinator will provide you with more information and training about the tasks involved with your volunteering opportunity and you will receive ongoing support and recognition in your role.


To learn more about an opportunity in your local area, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Aged Care Plus Support Services on (02) 9779 9411 or agedcarevolunteers@aue.salvationarmy.org